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South Sea Pearl Range available online soon. Contact us for in-store enquiries and purchases.



Our South Sea Pearl Range features the most stunning pearls from the pristine waters of coastlines along Australia and Tahiti (black pearls). Renown for their ‘orient’ – a result of their unmatchable lustre and unique display of colours. 


Australian South Sea Pearls are a natural gem. Our Australian South Sea Pearls are cultured in the Pinctada Maxima Oyster shell in the pristine waters of Australia’s north western coastline. These pearls are formed over 2 years using modern pearling techniques to produce the finest quality of pearls. Over these years, the oyster coats a nucleus with ‘nacre’ – which forms the revered natural lustre of an Australian South Sea pearl. 


South Sea Pearls are very rare in that they require no treatment of any kind, they are a truly natural gem. Each South Sea Pearl differs in value based upon five significant virtues. At Pearls and Boheme, we offer a wide variety of South Sea Pearls to suit your style and budget.

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